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Let me highlight the compelling benefits of integrating the SIGUA Smart Lockbox/Supra ekey to your home.


Sellers stand to gain significantly from this innovative solution:


Effortless Access for Agents and Buyers:

Traditional mechanical lockboxes with cumbersome combination codes are a thing of the past. The SIGUA Smart Lockbox/Supra ekey operates seamlessly through a mobile app, accesing the physical keys.

Approved, Licensed, Real estate agents can unlock the box and retrieve keys effortlessly, enhancing accessibility to your listed properties.


Enhanced Security and Control:

With the SIGUA Smart Lockbox/Supra ekey, you can assign single-day codes to agents. This ensures that only authorized individuals gain access.

Receive real-time notifications whenever the lockbox is accessed, allowing the Firm to monitor who enters the property and when.


Diverse Access Options:

While the primary method is via the mobile app, the lockbox also features a backup keypad. In rare instances of phone issues or connectivity problems, agents can still access the keys conventionally.

Say goodbye to countless calls and texts from agents struggling to remember the lockbox combination!


Ample Capacity:

SIGUA Smart Lockboxes/Supra ekey can accomodate up to 3-5 keys. This is especially valuable when showcasing larger properties with multiple structures on the premises.


Access Tracking and Transparency:

The lockbox maintains a detailed log of every access, including the date and time. The firm can conveniently review this information through the app.

Gain better control over who interacts with your home listings and how frequently.


Mobility and Reusability:

In summary, the SIGUA Smart Lockbox/Supra ekey offers convenience, security, and efficiency--a winning combination for both sellers and real estate professionals. Upgrade to this 21st-century solution for service quality! 

SIGUA Smart Key Lockbox & Supra ekey (Lease)

  • Within 14 days of an Active Listing Agreement with SIGUA Real Estate.

  • SIGUA Smart Lockbox is on a month-to-month lease until cancellation, closing, or expiration of listing agreements. Once property has been sold, listing expired, cancellation, SIGUA Smart Lockbox will be taken down and returned back to SIGUA Real Estate. 

    Non-Returned Lockbox: $350.00/Charge

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