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Home inspections and other property inspections play a crucial role in the home-buying process, and having SIGUA real estate agents manage and coordinate these inspections can enhance the overall experience.


Here are compelling reasons why buyers should prioritize home inspections:


Discover Hidden Problems: A home may appear perfect on the surface, but a certified home inspector can uncover issues that aren’t immediately visible. From structural problems to health and safety concerns, their trained eye can reveal potential pitfalls.


Avoid the Money Pit: Imagine moving into your dream home only to discover major foundational, roofing, electrical, or plumbing issues. A thorough inspection helps you avoid buying a “money pit.” It’s better to address these problems before closing the deal.


Costly Structural Problems: Structural issues can be deal-breakers. Whether it’s an older home or new construction, a home inspection provides insights into the property’s structural integrity. Don’t let hidden foundation issues catch you off guard.


Negotiation Leverage: Armed with inspection findings, buyers can negotiate repairs or adjustments to the purchase price. Sigua real estate agents can guide you through this process, ensuring a fair deal for both parties.


Safety First: Inspections identify safety hazards such as faulty wiring, mold, or other health risks. Sigua agents prioritize your well-being by coordinating thorough inspections and addressing any concerns.


Future Repair Estimates: A home inspection report outlines immediate repair needs and potential future expenses. This information helps you plan for maintenance and budget accordingly.


Peace of Mind: Knowing the true condition of the property gives you confidence in your investment. Sigua real estate agents ensure that inspections are thorough and comprehensive.


Remember, a home inspection and other property inspections is a small investment compared to the significant financial commitment of buying a house. Sigua’s expertise in sales, property management, and coordination ensures a smooth process from inspection to closing.  

SIGUA Home Inspection (OTHERS) Coordination

  • $200/hour agent fee Bronze and Silver Listing Package

    All coordination timelines recorded, summarized for Seller/Buyer

    2-hours Included with Bronze/Silver Listing Package

    Coordination Included for Gold Listing Package

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