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The significance of a Real Estate agent’s home seller evaluation and why it’s crucial to sell a home faster: 


SIGUA Real Estate Agent Home Seller Evaluation will provide:


Accurate Pricing: SIGUA agents assess your property objectively, considering various factors such as location, condition, and recent market trends. Their evaluation helps determine the optimal listing price. Pricing too high can deter potential buyers, while pricing too low may lead to missed opportunities.


Market Insights: SIGUA Agents have access to local market data. We analyze comparable properties (comps) to understand the current demand, supply, and pricing dynamics. This knowledge guides sellers in making informed decisions.


Property Enhancement Suggestions: SIGUA Agents provide recommendations for improvements that can enhance your home’s appeal. Whether it’s minor repairs, staging, or landscaping, their insights can significantly impact the sale.


Effective Marketing Strategies: Based on the evaluation, SIGUA agents devise targeted marketing plans. They know which channels (online listings, open houses, social media) work best for your property type.


Negotiation Skills: Experienced SIGUA agents negotiate on your behalf. Our evaluation helps our Sellers understand the property’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to negotiate effectively with potential buyers.

Real Estate agent photography included.


Sellers Collaboration through the Agent Home Evaluation process sells Home Faster:


Know Your Property: As a seller, you have unique insights into your home. Share details about its history, upgrades, and features. This information helps SIGUA agents tailor our marketing efforts.


Preferred Timeline: Sellers often have specific timelines (e.g., relocating, downsizing, or upgrading). Communicating these preferences allows our SIGUA agents to align  selling strategies accordingly.


Personal Touch: Buyers appreciate hearing from sellers directly. Your opinion on what makes your home special can resonate with potential buyers. Share anecdotes, neighborhood highlights, and memories associated with the property.


Flexibility: If you’re open to creative selling options (such as lease-to-own or seller financing), express this to your SIGUA agent. Your willingness to explore alternatives can speed up the process.


Feedback Loop: Regularly discuss the selling process with your SIGUA agent. Share your observations from showings, open houses, and buyer inquiries. Adjust strategies based on this feedback.


In summary, collaboration between sellers and SIGUA real estate agents ensures a well-rounded approach to selling a home. While our agents provide expertise, sellers’ input adds a personal touch and accelerates the process.   

Agent Home Evaluation, Prep-work, Photography (Sellers)

  • $200/hour agent fee Bronze and Silver Listing Package. Mandatory 2 hours minimum hourly/fees for Home Evaluation Agent Service.

    All coordination timelines recorded, summarized for Seller(s).

    1 hours Included with Silver Listing Package, charge will be an extra $200 to meet 2-hour minimum hourly Service.

    UNLIMITED Time coordination for Gold Listing Package

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